"We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"

Give your sales representative some power and get an edge on their competition

Put the Heat in your next  Promotion

Over 50% of people who receive promotional products KEEP and USE their gift ...

It's the only form of advertising that gives your logo long term visibility in someone's home or office

Pepper Factory offers corporate gift ideas to use at your next corporate event.
Making your company stand out is our goal and we have promotional products that work.
Place your company logo on our Large (5 oz) or our Mini (1.7 oz) Hot Sauce Bottles, or our 7 oz flasks of Wing Sauces, and Grilling/Dipping Sauces to make them your own.

Your name and address and/or logo will be seen whether these products are used by the recipient or taken to a business, a resort rental or a private residence. 

You want your customers, business associates, friends or employees to remember your business throughout the next year and years to come. Pepper Factory has custom designed gift assortments to meet your needs and budgets. Whether we create a gift basket, a 4-compartment gift box or just a customized bottle of hot sauce with your name and greeting on it, Pepper Factory can help to separate you from your competition.

How Do I get started?

Email us at sales@pepperfactory.com to begin your ordering process.

Our knowledgeable staff will contact you and assist you throughout the whole process.