"We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"

Put the Heat in your next Hot Promotion or Give A Way

Pepper Factory offers corporate gift ideas to use at your next corporate event.
Making your company stand out is our goal and we have promotional products that work.
Place your company logo on our Large or our mini Hot Sauce Bottles, Hoochie Nuts or Hot Spanish style nuts to make them your own.

Your name and address will be seen whether these products are used by the recipient or taken to a business, a resort rental or a private residence. 

 In order to survive and grow into a profitable company, every business needs customers.
In order to get customers, every business needs to promote itself.
Before the advent of the internet, promotion was easy because there weren’t too many options.
It was a matter of deciding between a flyer, a post card, or an ad in the local newspaper.

Today, however, the methods for promoting your business are overwhelming and only increasing by the day.

But one thing that hasn't changed is "target marketing".
This is what one of our customers told us.  "I don't focus on the world market. I focus on the local market; filling my 29 tables, 3 times a night.

Promoting your business, website and business information with Yelp and Trip Advisor is a great way in a resort area. People are looking for new things to eat that they don't get at home.
If you're in a resort area having delivery or takeout is quick and easy - just a click away.

The question is how do you get your business name, phone number and website into the customer's hands?
Private labels and souvenir bottles are very popular these days. Hot sauce left in rental condos has proven to bring that next renter in to see you. 
How many times have you been on vacation and asked someone "Do you know a good place to eat?"

Several of our customers have the words "Stolen From" printed on their labels. We laugh about it until they reorder twice as much as they did the first time.
The person taking the bottle from the restaurant will take it home or back to the condo they are renting or even to work with them.  This 1.7 oz mini bottle has the potential for 17 servings.
This means that the person or persons using the bottle will see your name, phone number and location 17 times before the bottle is empty.

One of our restaurants printed "When empty, return to store and buy more pizza!"

Customized and souvenir labels are very popular these days.  People want to make memories by taking a part of their experience home with them. Having your own brand in your retail location is a sure fire road to success! You will get both the recognition and the returning customers looking for your products.

Private Labels become a great asset when used in such places as:
•Corporate Trade Shows
•Corporate Gifts
•Customer Appreciation Gifts
•Employee Thank You Gifts
•Gift Shops
•Specialty Stores
•Souvenir Shops
•Trade Show giveaways
•Restaurants: table bottles (Build your own brand loyalty starting at your restaurant logo bottle)
If we do not have a flavor that you like, we can custom blend a perfect flavor for you and your location.

All of our products can be relabeled and personalized including our Hot Sauces, both large (5 oz bottle) and small (1.7 oz mini bottle).

             View Sample Labels

•No Setup fees
•No Art fees – We use your art work
•2 case minimum order – No upfront fees
•Free shipping with your order – We give you free product to offset shipping costs

We manufacture and distribute our own sauces.  Not only can we help you with a custom label, we can help you choose which sauce would be most popular in your area.  Having been vendors with NASCAR, we have experienced countless tastings.  We know which products are the most popular within geographical areas as well as within age groups.

                Email us at sales@pepperfactory.com for volume discount prices