"We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"

Create your own UNIQUE Hot Sauce by designing your own label.

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The whole process takes very little time and it's simple to do!

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  • Whether you're part of a large corporation planning Giveaways for your next convention or an individual planning your next family reunion, we can make your idea POP!

Simply send your artwork using JPEG, PNG,TIFF or Adobe Photoshop file to sales@pepperfactory.com

We'll work with you to design your unique label. Once we receive your artwork, most label designs can be sent to you for your approval within 24/48 hours.

Then choose from our 8 great flavors and heats to complete your bottle.

Swamp Juice will probably be a favorite for just about anyone. With North Carolina Cayenne Peppers and Cajun Flavors, it is a MEDIUM heat sauce.

Carolina Squealer is for those who love Eastern style North Carolina sauce with heavy black pepper and vinegar. It's great on pork or as a marinade. It's made with the NC Cayenne Pepper and is MEDIUM heat.

Jamaican Jerk will take you straight to the Islands! Its' MEDIUM heat is big on flavor and goes great on seafood, chicken, or, believe it or not, burgers.

The Datil Pepper, grown in and around St Augustine, FL make this sauce a favorite. This Minorcan recipe dates from the 1700's. It's light in color but ROBUST in flavor with a MEDIUM heat.

Dragon Breath, which features both Habanero peppers and Ghost peppers,explains the name. About 90% of people think this sauce is hot enough! It's great for cooking if you just want to bring up the heat without changing the flavor. This sauce is considered HOT.

Blazin' Cajun sauce has the flavor of Swamp Juice with the heat of Dragon Breath. This sauce is considered HOT because of its' mixture of Habanero peppers, Ghost peppers and Habanero extract.

GA Reaper takes hot sauce to a different level! Just a little of this sauce goes a long way as it contains the SC Reaper Pepper, Ghost peppers and extracts. This sauce is made for hard core pepperheads as it is VERY HOT.

The Scorpion Pepper Sauce is a world record holder for heat registering 2,000,000 on the Scoville Scale. It provides great flavor by starting out sweet before it bites! Here again, this pepper goes a long way and is made for hard core pepperheads as it is EXTEMELY HOT.

Can't decide upon a flavor? Try our sample gift bag as seen on our website's Gift Page. (This bag includes 1.7 oz bottles of all 8 great flavors and heats ranging from 160,000 to 2,000,000 on the Scoville Scale.)

Once we design your label and you approve the design, your order will be shipped within 5 – 7 business days using FEDEX Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

All orders include FREE design layout, proofing and printing along with FREE shipping within the continental USA.

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