"We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"

Will Private-Label Hot Sauces Work for You?

At Pepper Factory our goal is to make sauces that are a part of the everyday food that people enjoy and remember.
When deciding whether to start your own private label hot sauce, it is important to think about what you are going to get out of it. How much new business
can you generate from it?

With more Americans taking an interest in hot sauces in restaurants, getting the most out of your restaurant’s table sauces is a no-brainer.
One of the best ways to take advantage of this trend is to create your restaurant’s own private-label sauce.  
Not only does this allow for additional branding opportunities for the restaurant, but it also allows you to offer your customers higher-quality sauce at a lower cost.

If you own a retail store, especially in a high traffic area........

 You can call this hot sauce your own with your store's logo and address.  This means that your
information will be in front of the buyer for quite some time. No more "out of sight, out of mind" If your store is in a tourist area, your hot sauce bottle
just became a souvenir bottle. As we all know, visitors love to take a part of their trip back home with them. If you have stores in more than one location we
can generate different labels for different areas at no extra cost.

Are you seeking out an opportunity with wedding and corporate events?

What better way to keep your company name in front of the event planner than giving them a
bottle of your sauce with your name and contact information.  Business cards can be thrown away or lost.  Not so with a bottle of hot sauce.

At Pepper Factory our private-label sauces are the same great sauces that we sell in stores and online.  It's not a generic or lower quality product.
We offer our Hot Sauces in several flavors and heats, such as cayenne pepper, datil pepper, scotch bonnet and ghost pepper. If you want something hotter,
we have the reaper pepper as well as the trinidad scorpion pepper.
In order to receive this private label service you don't have to buy in large quantities. And turn around time is usually less than 1 week. There are no hidden fees.
Setup is free. Just send us your artwork and information and we will generate a label for you to approve. Volume discounts are available.

Promote Your business with our Private Label sauces.

    Gift Shops

    Restaurants ansd Sports Bars

    Produce stands

    Weddings and special parties

    Grand Openings

    Corporate Gifts

    Corporate Trade Shows

    Fundraisers for schools

    Fundraisers for Charity

    Family Reunions

    Thank You Gifts
    Holiday Gifts

Create your own style using your own text, graphics, photos, logo, design!

Choose from our wide variety of gourmet Hot Sauces (5 oz or 1.7 oz sizes available) or our Dipping/Grilling Sauces in 3 heats, Mild, Medium or HOT (7 oz flask)
or our Wing Sauces (7 oz flask) available in Medium or HOT


FREE Graphic Design
FREE Full color Laser Printing on High Gloss Labels

Just pick out a product and flavor(s). Decide upon a size if you're using hot sauce.
    (5 oz or 1.7 oz size) and place your order.

Email us sales@pepperfactory.com your artwork or photos and text. Give us your ideas about how you want your label to look. Be as specific as possible.
Our design team will work with you to create your own personal label. We'll get back to you with a proof usually within 2-3 business days.

Once you approve the label your order will be on its way to you within 5 – 7 business days!

*NOTE  Private labels available for regular priced items only.

Tips For Designing A Product Label

Top 6 Essential Graphic Design Software for Beginners
  1. Photoshop. The road which led to photo editing was never so interesting. ...
  2. GIMP. GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is the perfect alternative to Adobe Photoshop. ...
  3. Illustrator. ...
  4. Inkscape. ...
  5. CorelDraw. ...
  6. Adobe Indesign.
Because web images are a much lower resolution, pulling images off of Google usually won’t cut it for print design (plus it’s normally illegal…).

There are plenty of stock photo agencies where you can buy stock photos online
Below are some of the best websites for finding royalty-free or creative commons stock images and photos that are cheap or free to license.
  • Fotolia. Fotolia has 28,322,693 stock photos available, one of the biggest collections around. ...
  • 123RF. ...
  • Dreamstime. ...
  • Shutterstock. ...
  • iStock. ...
  • Thinkstock. ...
  • Getty Images. ...
  • FreeFoto.com.
Tips for Designing Effective Labels     1.Use color, texture and type to your advantage. ...
    2.Design the label with the container and the product in mind. ...
    3.Create memorable, distinctive labels. ...
    4.Get feedback. ...