"We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"

Hoochie Nuts Sweet & Spicy


Back in the day of tall ships the sailors would get hungry for tasty snacks. Since they could always find nuts and sugar and spices aboard the ships, they would make tasty treats by rolling the nuts in the sugary, spicy mixture. This recipe was handed down for generations and eventually picked up by moonshiners back in the hills.  And the term "Hoochie Nuts" was born.
     ****A slang word for moonshine is Hooch***

Hoochie Nuts Sweet & Spicy Nuts are WILDLY addictive! They're great for snack ideas, cocktail parties, tailgating, holidays, party favors, weddings, gifts.......... 

These nuts come in 3 great flavors. -  Mild, Medium and Hot. - The Hot contains ghost peppers!

This is the same recipe for those GREAT TASTING  nuts sold at NASCAR races throughout the South. And they take just minutes to make!    Makes 34 oz of  peanuts ( other varieties may be substituted)