"We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"

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Pepper Factory is proud to give you 8 great flavors of hot sauce as well as our Dipping/Grilling sauce in 3 heats along with spicy snacks; Perfect for any Pepper Head!

We use only the finest ingredients in our products and are committed to complete customer satisfaction.
Need anything special?

We can customize any label making these items suitable for souvenirs, party favors, weddings or business giveaways. It's easy to make our products a part of your next function, whether it's a party, wedding or business event.

We manufacture and distribute our own sauces.  Not only can we help you with a custom label, we can help you choose which sauce would be most popular in your area.  Having been vendors with NASCAR, we have experienced countless tastings.  We know which products are the most popular within geographical areas as well as within age groups.

We like to say" We put the FLAVOR in before we add the HEAT"